Machine Services

It’s simple and sobering; when Your Machine is Down, You’re Losing Money…
MTD Knows how vital a machine tool is to your business. The machine tool is the profit center of every manufacturer. It is extremely important to keep these profit centers running smoothly and safely to maximize the return on investment.

Our factory trained Service Technicians will thoroughly inspect your machine tool so together we can plan for and prevent failures. In the event of a failure focus shifts to immediate recovery of the machine to minimize down time and loss of revenue. Comprehensive systems inspections and repair will allow your machine tool to endure the intense levels of stress during production.

Our ability to service and repair systems include but not limited to:

  • Turning Center Repair
  • Machining Center Repair
  • Horizontal Machining Center Repair
  • Surface Grinder Repair
  • Machine Rebuilding
  • Safety interlocks, guarding, and emergency stop security
  • Control repair and operator station repair
  • Fanuc Control Repair
  • Siemens Control Repair
  • CNC Motor Repair
  • CNC Drive Repair
  • Lubrication Systems Repair
  • Hydraulic Systems Repair
  • Pneumatic Systems Repair
  • Coolant Pump Repair
  • High Pressure System
  • Tool Changer Repair
  • Ballscrew repair and / or rebuild
  • Waycover repair
  • Lathe Spindle Repair
  • Mill Spindle Repair
  • Thrust bearing inspection and thrust bearing replacement
  • Drawbar inspection and replacement
  • Tool Changer inspection and repair
  • Turret Repair
  • Turret Rebuilds
  • Turret Alignments
  • Hydraulic Chuck Actuators
  • Drawtube repair and replacement
  • Clamp Cylinder Repair
  • Hydraulic Chuck Repair and Rebuilds
  • Linear rail inspection and replacement
  • Electrical System Error Diagnosis
  • Machine Installation Services
  • Machine Relocation Services
  • Gear-box repair
  • Rotary table repair
  • Indexer repair
  • Alignment Inspection: Backlash and repeatability, table squareness, table rise and fall, spindle run out, spindle taper inspection, spindle heat, spindle vibration, drawbar pressure
  • Plan and Prepare for Success and avoid failure…MTD will Diagnose and Prevent Service Issues through Customizable Preventive Maintenance Programs.
    We offer state of the art Diagnostics Equipment including Thermal Imaging for quick, accurate, non-invasive diagnosing of pumps, motors, conveyors, electrical panels, spindles, bearings, and gear-boxes. Also, available is Renishaw Ball Bar testing for complete, accurate, and calculable problem areas of the machine tool.

    Knowledge is Power…Invest in Your People through Training Classes from MTD…
    At MTD we don’t just sell equipment, we train employees how to use it and maximize the return on your investment.

    MTD offers a full range of training classes at our facility or yours. These flexible class times include a wide variety of topics including; machine servicing, hands on operation, and software programing.

    Classes are available for every skill level and focus on areas in specific need of attention. Our most common course is a 12 hour 4 week course. Each class session is 3 hours long. A sample program of our most popular course is below. This course serves as a great opportunity for new operators to become familiar and comfortable with a cnc machine tool.

    CNC Training on Fanuc controlled Machines (3 people max at a time)

    -Session One…Basic machine components – 3 Hours

    • Cartesian coordinate system of the machine
    • Tool magazine
    • Coolant tank
    • Oil reservoirs
    • Machine power up and down procedure
    • Control features, MDI, JOG, MEM, EDIT
    • tool offsets explained
    • Handle mode
    • Explanation of increments of operation

    -Session Two…Control inputs – 3 Hours

    • Machine start up
    • Keying in data in MDI for tool functions
    • Tool indexing
    • Mounting tools
    • Actual setting of tool offsets
    • Establishing datum’s on print
    • Explanation of work coordinates
    • Proper use of G54-G59 work offsets
    • Explanation of various types of tooling

    -Session Three…Setup of the machine – 3 Hours

    • Choosing types of work holding
    • Choosing tooling
    • Learning the blue print
    • Different types of materials
    • HSS and Carbide tooling
    • Intro to programming structure
    • Editing functions
    • When to use offsets
    • Boring jaws/work holding

    -Session Four…design, program and run part- 3 Hours

    • Create simple blueprint
    • Bore jaws/work holding
    • Set up tooling in turret
    • Set tool offsets
    • Run setup piece
    • Adjust tool offsets
    • Run parts within desired print dimensions.