Rebuild Services



Rotary Table

MTD Service Center:
Thank you for choosing MTD’s Service, Repair, and Rebuild division. Under normal conditions, perishable parts may need to be replaced after a maximum of 2000 hours or after 1 year of service. For special application units operating more than 1 shift or under extreme conditions will require a more frequent service inspection.

MTD Service Center can disassemble, clean, and inspect each unit for worn or broken parts and provide a repair estimate for any additional service required at a 2 HOUR INSPECTION CHARGE of $495.00. This charge includes FREE INBOUND FREIGHT and will be credited upon your approval of additional required service

MTD Offers 3 Types of Services:

  • PM Service: This includes: Disassembly, Cleaning, Inspection, and Re-Grease, and Re-Assembly. This DOES NOT include any perishable or non-perishable parts or components. Labor charge averages are 3-5 hours ($360.00 – $600.00).
  • Standard Service: Replaces bearings, O-Rings, and Seals. Costs are typically 1/3 of the original purchase price.
  • Rebuild Service: Includes the standard service plus the replacement of any damaged components (i.e. spindles, drive shafts, motors, brakes, gears, housings, wire harnesses, etc)

Service Lead Times:
*We operate on a first come first serve basis*

  • PM Service – 1-2 Weeks
  • Standard Service – 2-4 Weeks
  • Rebuild Service – 3-6 Weeks

If turnaround is critical; we can offer a 48 – 72 hour turnaround if parts are available.

Why call the MTD Service Center for Evaluation, Inspection, and Rebuild?

  • Preventive maintenance keeps your equipment in service and making money.
  • MTD Service Techs are factory trained to bring your table back within factory specifications.
  • MTD uses factory replacement parts with the same standards your table was originally built with.
  • Rebuilding the table with assure the table is returned to factory original standards.
  • MTD service comes with a 90 day service warranty.