“I would highly recommend the Chevalier EM series machine to anybody looking for a new machine or a high-caliber addition to the shop. For the price point, this machine easily competed with all of the other machines we thoroughly researched before making the correct decision to go with Chevalier Machinery.

The EM2040L holds tolerance very well even without the spindle chiller. We have had minimal growth of Z-axis (.0015 inch in eight hours of run). The X-and Y-axis backlash is absolutely nill. Mill board holes have no visible or feedable axis reverse marks (ball bar .0002 inch runout). We really appreciate that since the programming is standard FANUC, our current cam systems (Mastercam and GibbsCAM) function seamlessly. And, we didn’t have to purchase an additional post processor. We are very satisfied with the EM2040L. We made a great decision.”

Kory Bragdon, floor supervisor

Integrity Manufacturing., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“We have added Chevalier’s FBL-360 and FBL-460 series machines to our shop, which also includes 14 other Chevalier machines. We chose the Chevalier brand because of its well-established track record of uptime, reliability and quality.

The FBL-360 and FBL-460 lathes solve the problem of costly repairs and downtime of older machines. Uptime has dramatically increased as well as productivity. In some areas, we have reduced overtime by as much as 75%.

The mission of Allied Locke is to provide excellent quality and customer service. Chevalier’s technicians are very knowledgeable and frequently help solve issues on the phone. This saves us time and keeps our machines running and our business productive.”

Jeff Shoemaker, vice president, of manufacturing

Allied Locke Industries, Dixon, IL.

“When our company, a manufacturer of precision parts made with exotic materials, was in need of a machine with a small footprint but with big machine features, we made the right choice with Chevalier’s QP2443VMC. 
The QP2443VMC machine is rock-solid reliable and meets our project timing and completion needs. The service provided by Chevalier’s distributors has been top notch. They really know their products.” 

Randy Ford, general manager

Master Machine and Manufacturing Co., Houston, Tex.

“We have two Chevalier FCL Series machines that meet our needs and eliminate third operations since we do milling on the lathe. It’s also nice that every station on the turret can accept live tooling. What’s more, we’re able to produce parts quicker. They’re now completed off the machines and we’re able to take advantage of the live tooling to do milling, drilling and tapping. 
The machines meet our timing/completing needs because we  finish entire parts on them without having to move the parts over to a third operation milling machine to finish off the parts. Without the need for third-operation milling, we alleviate millwork congestion, freeing up space to get our millwork done in a timelier manner. It’s a win-win situation. 
On the service side, Chevalier’s technicians are very knowledgeable. They help solve issues over the phone when they can, which saves us time and keeps our machines running and our business productive.” 

Chris Ogaz, vice president, CNC programmer/engineer

Ogaz Enterprises Inc., Ontario, Calif.

“We bought a Chevalier FBL-200L about a year ago and I thought you would like to know how this machine has been doing for us. 
Well the lathe has been running flawlessly and once it is set on a dimension, it will stay there all day. We really like the rigidity of the machine. Being so rigid, it passes right down to the tool point and how much tool wear we are seeing. In short downtime is reduced, capacity is up, and quality improved.” 

Phil Tolmie, Manufacturing Engineer

Warner Electric

“I just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with our Chevy Double Column FVM series machining centers. We have been running these machines 24 hours a day with complete confidence. I appreciate your efforts to continually exceed our expectations. We will continue to recommend Chevalier to our colleges and look forward to doing business with Chevalier and MTD in the years to come.”  

Richard Ihnken, Pattern Shop Manager

Caterpillar Inc.