Scheduled downtime ALWAYS costs less than unscheduled downtime….

Machine Tool Diagnostics encourages our current and prospective customers to invest in Preventative Maintenance programs for their machines. We completely understand that it’s a difficult decision to make because taking your machine out of production for maintenance costs you money. But we also have seen time and time again, what happens when you do not invest and take care of your machinery...

Plan + Prepare for Success and Avoid Failure

Unplanned machine breakdowns and downtime can cost you up to 5 times more than annual or even bi-annual scheduled maintenance. The loss of production and the cost of the repair/expedited parts can add up fast. Our goal is to help prevent unexpected machine failures and maximize your machines performance.

MTD’s Customizable Preventative Maintenance Plans include…



  • Electrical Cabinet

  • Filters

  • Fans

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Coolant Tank


  • Machine Level

  • Spindle Alignment

  • X, Y, Z Backlash

  • Pump & Motor

  • Turret Alignment


  • Drive Belts

  • Tool Changer System

  • Spindle Taper

  • Way Covers

  • Hoses, Cables, Lines


MTD will work with you to create a PM plan that meets your needs and adheres to your machine’s manufacturer guidelines.